ATV Insurance Canada

What is  an all-terrain vehicle (ATV)?

 A small, open motor vehicle having one seat and three or more wheels (generally 4 wheels) fitted with large tires designed chiefly for recreational use over roadless, rugged terrain including snow, ice and shallow water.  ATV’ers use these vehicles principally near their home or cottage and for exploring forest trails, dunes, beaches and other rugged terrain.

Is insurance required to operate an ATV (All Terrain) Vehicle in Canada?

It depends on which province you live in Canada. You need to check with local provincial ministry of transportation office to review licensing requirements for your ATV.

For example in BC you are required to have your ATV insured to a minimum of $200,000 third party liability and hold a valid drivers licence to operate an ATV on any public road or highway that is under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure . This also applies to operating your ATV on any BC Forest Service roads under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Forests and Range.

Ministry of Forests and Range regulations also require you to carry proof of liability insurance for your ATV. AT anytime you could be required to show insurance documents  to Conservation officer, Forestry Enforcement officer or the RCMP if asked. If you are in breach of this the fine can be well over $200.00 for failure to do so.

What kind of ATV insurance can you purchase in Canada?

ATV insurance coverage is similar to your automobile insurance coverage. You are required by law (check Ministry of Transportation regulations in your province for laws pertaining to ATVs) to carry some insurance coverage such as third-party liability if you operate an ATV in Canada. You may also purchase additional coverage such as Specified Perils (Fire, Theft, Attempted Theft, and Transit), Comprehensive, Collision and All Perils (Collision, Upset, Rollover, and Comprehensive). Contents carried in your ATV vehicle may also be covered by your residential insurance policy.

Discounts available for ATV Insurance in Canada.

Some insurance companies that offer ATV insurance in Canada offer substantial discounts if you meet the following criteria:

Up to 20% discount to current members of approved Motorsports Organizations such as a B.C. ATV club.
10% discount to ATV owners who have completed the Canadian Safety Council ATV Safety Course.
10% discount to owners of machines that have an approved ignition system immobiliser

Which insurance companies and brokers sell ATV Insurance in Canada?TD Insurance - TD insurance offers all terrain vehicle insurance in Canada

Primmun Insurance Company – offers all terrain vehicle insurance in Canada

Capri Insurance  located in Kelowna BC and their insurance offices in Thompson/Okanagan,  Prince George,  Quesnel, Vanderhoof and Cranbrook

Osasis Insurance – located in North Battleford, Saskatchewan sells ATV insurance

La Capitale General Insurance -  the first direct insurer to offer a complete range of insurance products designed for owners of all types of recreational vehicles. They are located in Quebec City, Quebec.

Open Skies Insurance - ATV Insurance for BC (operated by Osasis)

Here is a list of companies offering online ATV Insurance Quotes.

Motor Vehicle Offices and Departments for various Provinces and information about safety, licensing, registration, regulations and insurance for ATVs:

Ministry of Transportation Ontario – Off Road Vehicles

Off Road Vehicle Act – New Brunswick

Registry of Motor Vehicles – Off-Highway (off-road) Vehicles – Nova Scotia
Insurance for Off-Highway Vehicles – Nova Scotia

ATV Rules and Regulations – Newfoundland and Labrador

Off Highway Vehicle Act – Prince Edward Island

Off Roads Vehicle Act – Manitoba

Rules and Regulation Applying to Small Vehicles – Transportation Alberta

Off Road Vehicle Information from ICBC (Insurance Corporation of BC)

SGI – Rules and Regulations for operating ATV’s in Saskatchewan